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A custom made fish tank can breathe life into an office, home or any large business. Water world Aqua Studio designs and builds high quality custom acrylic / Glass aquariums and related components for private homes, businesses and other institutions. We focus on highest quality, superior design reasonable, competitive pricing, and overall customer satisfaction. Custom Aquarium can be created exactly for your space and style.

The aquarium you choose to design can be placed anywhere, literally anywhere, you could ever imagine, above or below the floor, in the wall or in the centre of a room. Custom made aquariums needs to be cut with precision, molded to perfection and assembled with the best quality materials available today.

With hundreds of designs and hundreds of happy clientele served, Water world Aqua Studio is ready to design your next dream in water.

Useful Information

How long should I leave my lights on?

For a planted tank 8-10 hours a day will be more than sufficient. Be sure to keep the tank out of direct sunlight as this will only promote the growth of algae in the aquarium. Don’t leave the aquarium lights on for 24 hours a day, the fish and plants need to respire and rest. This would lead to the eventual death of fish and plants.

Do fish sleep?

es it has been proven that fish do sleep during the night. It is important to let them get there rest by giving the aquarium sufficient darkness during the night. If prolonged viewing hours are an issue, it is best to use lighting during day hours and then at night add some moonlights for added viewing time.

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