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Fish Boarding

People board their animals for various reasons. a vacation, lack of facilities to keep their animals at their own home, Travelling etc. Whether it’s for a day or a month, we will do our best to keep your precious fish in utmost safest conditions. Fish bowls or complete tanks, can be brought to Water world Aqua Studio for long-term care and feeding.

These tanks can be transported by the client (with our guidance) or we can perform the move. Your tank will be fed daily and will receive professional care and routine service and water changes for the duration of your absence.

For those not interested in transporting their aquariums, our staff can visit your home or office in your absence at whatever interval you’d like, to feed, check your aquarium for proper operation and perform routine service and maintenance.

Useful Information

Does PMDD work? Have you used it?

Yes & Yes. PMDD works wonders and is another budget conscious approach to having a planted aquarium. Ensure to under dose as apposed to overdosing. This can overload the system with organic material and lead to an algae outbreak. I personally still use this recipe. I receive similar results from PMDD as commercial fertilizers at minimal cost. One thing to look out for is copper additives, in a shrimp tank these will have a negative impact on shrimp health.

Why is there so much algae in my aquarium?

Algae problems are infuriating and generally exist due to a number of reasons. There may be an unbalance of nutrients in the water, you might have too much lighting and not enough co2 and fertilizers, the plants can only consume these three in an equal ratio so having an off balance on one will lead to an algae outbreak.

Algae may also grow on slower growth plants like anubais and java fern. This is very common and manual removal of the algae is recommended. If you have constant algae problems and are near direct sunlight try to reduce this during the day as it will be a major contributor to the amount of algae. If you feed too much or put in too much fertilizer it will once again cause the imbalance and a rise in algae.

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