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Fish pedicure is a spa treatment popular in Thailand, where tanks containing the Garra Rufa fish are used to clean the feet of customers. “The fish is also called ‘Doctor Fish’ or ‘nibble fish’. It feeds on the dead skin on the feet and eventually cleans all the dirt. Even ankle cracks can be cured and helps in increased blood circulation. Water world Aqua Studio Fish Spa tanks are custom built from our team that has decade of experience which exceed the industrial requirement on product safety.

We ensure the filtration is powerful enough to contend with the waste for the 200+ Garra Rufa fish in each foot spa. Supplementary food are required to ensure that the fish stays healthy.

If you want to have a successful fish spa, whether a small personal home fish spa or a full-blown commercial one please be free to call Water world Aqua Studio or ask for advice.

Useful Information

Will fish only grow relative to the tank size?

This is a misconception that is not true. Larger fish will soon need a larger aquarium to be healthy and happy. Restricting them to a smaller aquarium may stunt the fish growth and result in physical deformities. Be sure to give the right environment each species of fish in the aquarium.

How long do I have to wait for my tank to cycle?

You have to wait until the nitrite spike has gone and nitrates are starting to rise, for a new aquarium this will be anywhere from 2-8 weeks, it is very wise to wait for this to end, because if you add more fish at this stage it will only put more pressure on the bacteria and most likely kill your fish.

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