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Good aquarium maintenance practices will lead to a healthy aquatic environment and thriving fish, providing years of joy for the hobbyist. Increases or decreases of the major aquarium water parameters will need our careful but immediate attention. We help in maintaining a clean Aquarium with our maintenance contract.

Our maintenance services include the checking of Flow Rates from air stones, power heads, and/or pumps. In some areas with very dry conditions indoors, replacing evaporated water is a constant requirement. A few months after running , routine checking of ammonia and nitrites is generally overlooked – unless something seems a miss.

Clean and Checking Filters and Filtration Media. All sponges and wet-dry media, including trays and spray bars, will be inspected for clogging or excessive accumulation of debris and should be rinsed or replaced as necessary and Cleaning of aqua plants and materials. .

Useful Information

Why are all of my fish starting to die?

This may be due to a number of reasons. If it is a new tank, the tank may be going through the stage of turning ammonia into nitrite, in most tanks this can and will reach toxic levels and may kill your fish, to stop this do small 10-15% water changes each day.
Other reasons could be something contaminated put into the tank recently, a new rock or sculpture. Disease in some species of fish can be common; it is not unknown for a whole species of fish to suddenly die due to a break down in there immune system. Make sure the temperature is still high and you are feeding them a varied diet.

Check your water levels, you will probably find spikes of ammonia or nitrite in the water. Sometimes it can be more simple, if you forget to put water conditioner when you do a water change you have the chance of letting in toxic chlorine and chloramines, if this may be it, use some now.

Can I create a planted tank on a budget?

Yes, following the typical convention of high light, substrate, ferts and co2 is not the only route to a beautiful planted aquarium. Low-tech setups with low lighting and minimal fertilizers are an excellent budget conscious option. However it is recommended to only use low light plants such as java-ferns, Amazon swords, moss and anubais. Some stem plants will also do well in lower light conditions.

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